queen tine. ♔ (thankthatstar) wrote in lautner_daily,
queen tine. ♔

i've had enough, i'm not your property

Tags: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, action: being sexy, brb changing panties, clothes: should be on my floor, clothes: t-shirt, dose of vitamin t, face: fuckhot, face: intense, face: killing me, face: lipssss, face: sexy, face: why so srs?, go on go on: leave me breathless, hair: i wanna run my fingers thru it, hair: soft-looking, holy shizz tay: your arms, holy shizz tay: your face, holy shizz tay: your lips, justine: wants to marry him, photoshoots: entertainment weekly, so addicted to: you, taylor: is perfect, taylor: is sexy as hell, things we ♥: his chin dimple!!, things we ♥: his face, um secks me, we love outtakes, your mouth: i want to ravish it
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