queen tine. ♔ (thankthatstar) wrote in lautner_daily,
queen tine. ♔

you're my favorite song

Tags: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, action: being adorable of course, action: pleasing the fans, action: your john hancock please, brb melting, clothes: best dressed list, clothes: skinny tie, clothes: suit jacket, clothes: you look pretty in blue, dose of vitamin t, face: adorkable, face: hilariously cute, face: killer smile, face: lipssss, face: noseeeee, face: profile perfection ♥, face: so freaking cute like that, face: sunshine and rainbows, face: what are you doing, hair: i love it, hair: i wanna run my fingers thru it, holy shizz tay: icantgetoveryourface, holy shizz tay: your face, justine: wants to marry him, lights love tay, location: eclipse premiere, oh taylor what is your faaaaace, people: crazed fans, taylor: is adorable, taylor: is perfect, things we ♥: his face, things we ♥: taylor in general, your mouth: i want to ravish it
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